So, Once Your Web Pages are Listed, Just How Far Up the List Will They Be?

There is no software system that can integrate keywords into the body text and into the web page layout as well as providing multiple unique content throughout, beating the duplicate content filters, until now...

At Last, an End to the Problem of Laser-Targeted Pages with Unique Content Creation!

Now all your web pages, blog posts and articles can be unique, money-making virtual property, totally automated without using PLR documents that may get you banned for duplicate content.

How would you like to be able to create lots of laser-targeted content-rich pages automatically, each page unique, each containing exactly the keywords of your choice, with exactly your choice of keyword density,

with no footprints for the search engines to spot, and ban your site?

You would? Then read on ....

by Gordon Goodfellow

Did I mention this was also designed to be read by humans? That's because it is not auto-dictionary generated rubbish just designed to fool the search engine robots. This is real content, readable content which is of value to the real people who read it. You might compare it with similar software applications that claim to do the same thing, but if you read the result you'd probably laugh your socks off because the results of those things hardly ever make any sense, and never will, because they're not meant to. They're just going through the same old motions of "fooling the search engines".

But those tricks don't work any more and will most likely get your site banned. So how do you get proper content that you can read easily, and with the specific keywords properly in the body text and the title and H1 tags, and not have to use other people's articles or any other duplicate content that 2,000 other people are using as well, and be able to generate 20,000 pages of this in less than two minutes (well ... if you really wanted to you could do that) and upload these pages to your site or blog in seconds???

And (my list goes on ...) you don't have to rely or RSS feeds at all, or scraped content feed from other people's sites, and you don't have to supply a resource box with a link to someone else's site which bleeds away Page Rank.

I'd also like to make it quite clear that this does not use any existing articles or "PLR" material (and we've seen a huge crop of those in the past year or so) which cannot possibly be made relevant to the keywords you want to target. The content you will create will be specific to your own market and to your own niche within that market. It is unique to you. Nobody else will be able to say it was originally theirs, and none of the search engines (or indeed any human article directory editor, for example) will think it will be duplicate or (even worse) plagiarised material.

No more PLR, no more relying on reseller schemes for material, no more ghost writers, no more using other people's work. No more monthly fees for any of them. Save lots of time and money!

What this brand new software does is quite crucial: it inserts the keywords or keyword phrases, in exactly the right density you choose, within the body text of your content. It peppers the readable text with the specific keywords of your choice in a totally natural and readable way, and then intelligently sorts them to go into the web pages that hold the same keywords in the Title, H1 and H2 tags, and also in the keyword and description tags, and any other tags that you choose, instantly turning these pages into powerful search engine magnets for that particular keyword phrase. It then outputs each page into its own sub-folder ready for instant upload to your site.

But that's not all it does! You can make each web page or blog post even more unique by altering the pages further. There are two options for these enhancements.

Firstly, you can choose to vary the number of paragraphs from the original document that are reproduced in the resulting pages; you can control this by setting a minimum and maximum number of paragraphs, and the software will automatically create a random number of paragraphs between these two limits.

Secondly, the software can randomly rotate the order of the paragraphs on the finished page. When choosing this random order option you have further options. For example, if you have a particularly strong opening paragraph you can opt to keep that selected and fixed in the same place, so that it will always be in the first paragraph position. You can also fix the last paragraph in the final paragraph position (if you want to end with a sales message, URL or call to action, for example). Or you can have the first and second paragraphs fixed, or any combination of these.

 Still undecided?

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Here's a checklist of features in this software:

Content produced reads perfectly well by real people as well as search engines.

Works with other leading software.

Leaves no footprints that raise red flags from the search engines.

Works really fast; can generate 20,000 pages in thirty seconds (if you want).

Produces totally unique content every time.

Does not rely on dubious auto-substitution which results in gibberish.

Puts keywords in text naturally, as well as in Title, H1 and H2 tags, etc.

You control the keyword density completely.

Works with txt or html files and creates txt or html files.

Creates web pages, multiple blog posts or articles - you decide.

Runs on your server, so does not take up any of your valuable disk space.

Does not rely on PLR material or articles that have been worked to death.

Optional random numbers of paragraphs feature for greater uniqueness.

Optional random rotation of paragraphs for even greater uniqueness.

No monthly fees; has a one-off cost with free upgrades for life.

No programming involved. No knowledge of html or scripting needed.

Easily to use, with full documentation and installation instructions included.

And lots more!

I've included a few free gifts as well.


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Free Content Artist software upgrades for life!

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Okay, let's cut to the chase. How much is Content Artist selling for?

For something that does all this we decided on a price tag of $147.

However, for the moment Content Artist will be available at $97, but will shortly go up to $149. We reserve the right to do this at any time.


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